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Making Warhammer rosters look nice

June 16, 2024 ・ Blog

Today I played the excellent Warhammer 40,000 squad skirmish game Kill Team for the first time in forever. Naturally, my Khorne Legionaries lost against my son’s Ork Commandos, but they did so very bloodily by taking out all but two of his 10 operatives (skulls, throne, etc) and my plasma gunner scored the game’s first kill with a roll of four sixes.

1 in 1296

Setting up the team made me revisit BattleScribe as I tried to shortcut creating a legal team, and that led me right back to my old Kill Team CSS for BattleScribe, which I made years ago to make nice-looking army and team rosters. And I ended up updating it to the style of the latest edition, with revised fonts and some other tweaks. You just have to.

BattleScribe? It’s a tool for managing Warhammer 40,000 armies and Kill Team rosters. You add your units and fighters, it counts up the points you’ve spent, allowable loadouts and ability selections, and when you take to the table, you can generate sheets that show your full army or team with all their abilities listed.

For a game of a million tiny rules and numbers, it’s very handy, but I never liked its basic HTML output. It’s ugly and information tends to be spread out across many sheets. So a few years ago I made replacement CSS for its 40,000 and Kill Team HTML output and released it on Github, where it’s sat being used and forked by a trickle of users ever since. Someone even set up a website that automated the process of inserting my CSS into BattleScribe output (it seems to be down now, sadly)1.

I used to use BattleScribe a lot, but its apps are clunky and its maker has stopped updating them, and then Games Workshop released its own roster management tool for 40,000. Since I subscribe to it, I sorta drifted away from the whole thing.

But it was good to see my old stuff still works, even for the new edition. And yes, I couldn’t resist buffing it up a bit. I haven’t touched the 40K stuff, sorry! But you can check out my Warhammer CSS for BattleScribe here.

  1. There are other similar services, like PrettyScribe and the daddy, ButtScribe, but they don’t look like I want. ↩︎