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A new site

August 06, 2018 ・ Blog

I have completely rebuilt my website. This is it, here. The idea is that it looks much like my old one, with the same colours and fonts so you probably haven’t noticed, but under the hood it’s completely different.

I think I’ve used Wordpress for the past 15 years or so. I started with it because it was the only way to self-host one of them new-fangled blogs, when comments were exciting and good and the world was innocent. I always kinda liked it, even during periods when hackers got in and I had to completely rebuild the database and every file. I even liked it while smashing my ignorance of CSS and php into making my own themes.

So here’s to you, Old Website. I still love the way you look.

But it’s time to change. I stopped using comments years ago and I don’t post much, so all of Wordpress’ high-use-frequency conveniences are kind of useless to me. It just sits on my server, liable to go wrong and requiring updating and backing up and under the constant threat of more hacks. My security plugin recorded 38 hack attempts last week and has automatically blocked 151 IPs.

So I created a Jekyll site. It’s static: every page is just an html file, and it’s all generated from text files sitting in folders on my computer. No javascript, fast to load, and though it was a massive weekend-spanning fucking pain in the ass to set up, it should be simple to keep running.

So hello, New Website. Here’s to the next few years.