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I made a website

October 15, 2013 ・ Blog

Soon after we moved to Bath in 2007, my wife started up her own cake making company called Baby Cakes. It’s turned out to be rather successful! Her cakes have been featured in American Vogue, she’s Stork margarine’s official baking expert and has judged national cake competitions, and she’s left a trail of many happy customers behind her.

Anyway, my small part in it is that I made her website. Actually I’ve made three of them now. We launched her latest back in spring this year; I built it on Wordpress with the intention of really whetting visitors’ appetites by featuring big pictures and just a few words to describe them. It therefore benefits from some great photos of Hannah’s work by John Barwood.


The main design challenge was that most pictures of cakes are portrait, which isn’t an ideal format for websites. I think the site solves it reasonably well, using panels to take visitors through the site and two side-by-side portrait pictures for galleries.

It really popped, though, when I found its two typefaces: Maiola for the main body text and titles, and Brandon Grotesque for navigation and caption text. Together I think they convey the sense of simple elegance and character I wanted to achieve. I’m pretty satisfied with it.