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Link roundup

August 15, 2010 ・ Blog
  • Thirty Five Images of Space Helmet Reflections - A compendium of faces peering from within bulbous glass at the great beyond (via Berg).
  • The New Science of Morality - “Nearly all of us doing this work are secular Liberals. And that means that we're at very high risk of misunderstanding those moralities that are not our own.” Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt’s talk on how western liberal culture, the one that has essentially built the foundations for the study of human psychology, has a restricted moral spectrum compared to other cultures around the world, and why confirmation bias means it’s much to easy for these psychologists to profoundly misunderstand other cultures.
  • Granta: Cinema's Invisible Art - An essay on the scriptwriter's talent of spare but vivid description, from the Coen brothers to Shane Black's awesome script for Lethal Weapon. No, really.