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Link roundup

Oct 25, 2009
  • Lou's Pseudo 3d Page - One of the things that delights me most about videogames are the little hacks that transform pixels into worlds, and in olden times, emulating 3D space was one, big, glorious hack. My favourite: background raster effects. Drool.
  • Is the Magazine Dead? « Jimmy Wales - "The death of the traditional magazine has come about because people are demanding more information, of better quality, and faster," says Wales, touting Wikia's new print-on-demand service. Better quality, eh? Really? Or do they just lap up fast and, most importantly, free information?
  • Small Worlds - It's a special game, Small Worlds. As much as I'm often annoyed by intentionally lo-fi pixel graphics like this (I find them retro-fetishistic and a put-off to people who don't hungrily treasure games' mythically wonderful past), here they're gloriously expressive, as Mike Nowak says.