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Unboxing the PS3

November 15, 2006 ・ Blog

Taking unboxing to its logical conclusion, this goes far beyond the cardboard case and doesnt stop until every component is taken out of the PS3 itself. And oh lord, here’s a video of one being taken apart, a little as if it’s on an operating theatre table. If Engadget’s unboxing post is PS3 erotica, this is gynaecological.

I’ve just contributed to the Three Speech blog with a piece about the PS3 unboxing blogs and videos that have sprung up over the last week or so. I wasn’t totally sure about doing it, as Three Speech is a problematic old thing, as GameSetWatch’s Simon Carless explains. But I’m interested in seeing the site strike that subtle balance between being promotional and being a respected source of PS3 info. So, er, I thought I’d start helping out by writing about people taking things out of boxes. Oh, and not entirely sure what’s going on with the weird linking style there.