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Moritz Waldemeyer

September 12, 2006 ・ Blog

If theres one person I wish I’d written about while I was still at icon, it’s Moritz Waldemeyer. He’s a kind of perfect geek, as tapped into the tech world as he is the glitzier side of design, and he’s not afraid to get involved in a bit of art, too.

That doesn’t exactly peg who he is – Waldemeyer is an electronic and mechanical engineer that works in design. He’s the one that made Ron Arad’s Miss Haze chandelier, a square of hanging Swarovski crystals and LEDs that act as pixels that can be controlled by PDA. He also worked with Troika on its Tool for Armchair Activists, a loudspeaker that speaks out mobile phone texts. He’s someone that knows how to get something really interesting done.

Anyway, the reason I’m banging on about Waldemeyer right now is because his work is being shown at the Rabih Hage gallery in Kensington during the London Design Festival (15-30 September). He’ll be showing three table designs – the Pong Table, the LED Table and The Bar, all made of Corian and all incorporating some sort of interactive light display.

I haven’t seen pictures yet, so can’t directly speak for how exciting they’ll be, but they could be great. If you get a chance, try to get down to the show.