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Audiosurgeon part drei

August 01, 2006 ・ Blog

More Audiosurgeon podcastery is now available on iTunes, or here by direct download. Well, that’s the first part, anyway, which includes an interview with the director of Little Fish and me banging on about the merits of Wii. It’s super. And If you’ve got enough energy and time there’s a second part, too – here. It includes an interview with Bugz in the Attic among other things, but to my mind it goes on a bit.

Not sure why I haven’t posted much recently, as a lot’s been going on. Got an Xbox 360, which is very nice, I’ve been reading Microserfs, and the boy now has a little chair with the back shaped like a frog’s head. He kind of perches on it looking a little unhappy at the moment. But he will damn well enjoy it or it’s gruel until he’s twelve.