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Hear me roar

June 14, 2006 ・ Blog

The first Audiosurgeon podcast has been released into the wild!

Audiosurgeon is the official podcast of Pixelsurgeon – it’s a mix of music, interviews and film and game chat – and, heck, it sounds pretty good! You can download it here, but you’ll be able to subscribe on iTunes later today.

Here’s us recording it last night (that’s (L to R) Jason, Rich and me in the picture). Jason did a great job of editing my more witless comments and generally tightening it all up – and also getting an interview with DJ Nu-Mark of Jurassic 5. And Sam Gilbey (who took the picture) lined up some great music.

Normally I’d be pretty nervous and over-critical of something I’d been involved with like this, but it’s actually really good! Here’s to many more…