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November 12, 2005 ・ Blog

It’s compact neatness.
The springy give in the eject, reset and on/off buttons.
The light but positive click when the lid closes.
The silent stop of the lid when it fully opens.
The shape and size of the memory cards.
The quiet hum of the cooling fan.
The calm yet idiosyncratic sounds in the setup menus.
The easy interface of the setup menus and the way they gently move.
The startup animation.
That you can set the screen position for all games.
The little dots above the controller ports telling you which number each is.
The positive click when you plug in a controller.
The perfect give in the thumbsticks on the controller.
The big A button and its solid feel when you press it.
Its little game discs.
The speed of loading games.
The little busy buzzes and chugs it makes when reading the discs.