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More Bleep

July 26, 2005 ・ Blog

I banged on about how much I like Bleep a while back, so sorry to do so again and sound even more like a Warp sales rep. I just wanted to say that Bleep has a couple of new features. It now has nice RSS feeds to updates and record additions to the main page and individual labels and a tool that allows you to add the Bleep preview player for specific records to your own website.

They’re nice tools – nice tools that will generate more sales too, of course. I was tempted to try to get the player to work on this site, but it seems a little limited to only be able to feature music from a single source. Bleep is getting bigger and bigger, but it’s by no means exhaustive, and never will be.

Just saw that it now has the French dance classic Super Discount on there. It includes an early Air track (remixed) called Soldissimo that I used to listen to over and over again at university but never got a copy of. Looks like another purchase…