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Marketing the PSP

May 06, 2005 ・ Blog

I went to a meeting with a PR firm that’s working on the PSP for its European launch today.

As I assumed, they’re playing the cool-culture card rather than the gaming one. I didn’t really expect the PRs to know much about gaming in general but they hardly mentioned the games at all. The only specific game that was mentioned at all was WipeOut, and that was in relation to a project where music by “up and coming young urban music acts” would be downloadable for the game. Rather than the games, they’re accentuating the media capabilities of the PSP.

So who are they going for? Urban “creatives”, of course, by arranging art, fashion and design exhibitions and installations. It’s interesting, while the PS1 was marketed heavily to the club crowd, the PSP is being marketed to what that crowd has, at least in aspiration, become.