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In the wake of E3

May 22, 2005 ・ Blog

E3 is over for another year and I’m feeling something more than the usual sense of anticlimax at the fact that I won’t get to see any of these exciting new things for a year or more.

This year I’m feeling ennui. Yeah, Sony and Microsoft have shown their new consoles, but I don’t believe the (meaningless) performance statistics or that the videos and pictures are properly real in-game shots. Besides, I haven’t had enough of my Gamecube – Resident Evil 4 shows it has a lot more to give. Yeah, hundreds of new games have been announced, but I feel pretty much nothing for most of them (excepting Zelda, new 2D Mario on DS, Odama (bizarre pinball/war strategy), Okami (dog in brushstroke graphics action from Clover Studios), Katamari Damacy 2 (that may actually be KD1 in the link by the way)).

The most positive thing for games that has come out of E3 this year I reckon is the call for more fun games, as this surprisingly excellent news piece from Reuters says (via Monkey Island man Ron Gibert). Just to prove how wrong the the current direction is, check the quote from Midway Chief Executive, David Zucker:

“Thirty-year-old guys don’t want to play as a Pikmin picking up mushrooms.”

Yeah, right.

Oh yeah, and I also really like the news that Nintendo’s new console, Revolution, will play old Nintendo games and may allow homebrew games to be developed for it. Now, that would be great.