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Google Image Search search search search…

January 14th, 2012

Vimeo user kingcosmonaut3000 has created a video which plays a succession of the images returned by Google Image Search when it’s fed its own results. It flicks through 2951 images displayed at 12 frames a second.

Starmaps become dark photos of men at conferences become an LA Noire interrogation scene becomes a shot from Pirates of the Caribbean. They cycle through similar subjects, then matching colours, then shapes.

What’s amazing are the spurts of innovation after periods where the image stays fairly constant – they’re sort of like flowerings of culture after long periods in which everything has stayed uniform. Like the Renaissance, or LOLcats and Y U NO Guy.

Sometimes, like at 1:54, a pattern’s completely disrupted by an apparently dissimilar one – a bug? Or is Google seeing something we’re not? And that bit where it gets stuck on the Google homepage – evidence of a self-regarding machine?

Sci-fi poster

January 1st, 2010

Oh my, do I want this. Spotted: the Warthog, the spherical robot from The Incredibles, that bounty hunter out of Star Wars, and isn’t that a grunt out of Robotron?

149 Sci-Fi Icons on One Poster | Design You Trust (via n0wak)

Link roundup

December 28th, 2009
  • Harris returns to the Capitol Wasteland – Armed with a gaggle of mods and tweaks to Fallout 3, chum Duncan Harris has gone to town taking pictures. This one, his character posing before the Washington Monument, is probably my favourite, but every one’s a winner.

Shooting Wipeout

August 2nd, 2009


Every game should have a photo mode. Not just the ability to grab a screenshot but to be able to manipulate it and add effects. Wipeout HD’s photo mode is great. Instantly available from the pause screen, it only allows three simple camera types – trackside, cockpit and rotating around the ship – but has a suite of motion blur, exposure and depth of field effects that are lovely to play with.


Of course, these pictures, taken during runs in Wipeout Rage’s Detonator play mode, far from show precisely what you see when you’re playing the game. They omit the HUD, they’re not from the perspective you play from, they amplify the visual effects and the game has rendered each one with greater quality than it does in play. But I don’t care about such apparent artifice.


A battle rages between the desire to present a game truthfully, exactly as it appears when you’re playing, and presenting it interestingly in order to galvanise attention and provide entertainment for those reading it. But what the hell is truth?


A static screenshot can never express the moving image from which it was snatched. And, in fact, as games feature more post-processing effects such as motion blur, it’s becoming harder and harder to grab screenshots that come anywhere close to representing what you experienced when you were playing.

It all comes down to making a balance, of course. People need to understand what kind of image they’d be staring at through a game’s course. But there’s nothing wrong with capturing a bit of the drama, too. Videogames are glorious expressions of our fantasies, right?

More Wipeout images here.